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Au Pays de l'Ailleurs


I understood afterwards that the pieces composed in Malaga and Lanzarote were to become the intermediary parts. The eminently spiritual context opened up my memory to my past. In 2004, I had started three melodies for a short mass and their association with this composition became inevitably obvious, as if the past was speaking to the present. Therefore, I extracted these themes to produce a Kyrie, and an Agnus Dei. The work finished on the initial phrase of the Gloria with the orchestra and the choir.


Thus, there are 6 definitive parts  :
     Romance, for piano and orchestra
     Agnus Dei
     Timanfaya, for piano and orchestra
     Gloria ( to finish with the glory of souls, the glory of us all) 

I decided to make a sort of symphonic poem where each individual can obtain his own spirituality.