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Acqua Passata
8 works - 8 trios, quartets and quintets for flute, violin, guitar, cello and cajon

Following his creations of de Cataì (“From Catai”) (2008), Rêveries sur l'Île verte (“Dreams on the Green Island“) (2009), Guitares valaisannes (“Valaisan Guitars“) (2010) et Vagabundo (“Vagabond“) (2011), the composer Guy Kummer-Nicolussi inspired by the theme of water offers us his latest compositions on a new CD: “Acqua passata” (“Backwater“).

From 1st January to 15th March 2012 five trios for flute or violin, guitar and cello appeared. Three adaptations of previous works complete the programme of this new project.

“Acqua passata” was inspired from the theme of water which has flowed past or will flow by; images of the past, present and future blend in the same album of souvenirs. Water – a natural link between human beings who inhabit this planet – imposes itself as the golden thread of this new story. Along riverbanks, sea and ocean coastlines, water is like an oasis of spirituality, custodians of Guy Kummer-Nicolussi's compositions.

In this way, this music becomes a treasure; just as water is vital to each human, so will this work be inexorably missed by those who don't partake of it...