Tue drunken piano
THE DRUNKEN PIANO (le piano ivre)
  Translation by Elena Russo

This new project has had a genesis entirely different from those of my previous musical adventures. First of all, it is a child of the Night ... of moonless nights, solitary vigils, twilights filled with nostalgia, vagrant sorrows rich with poetry and memories.

A guitarist at heart, my twilight music pours itself into a piano, an instrument I know very little, which lets me free and does not bind my errant inspiration to its technical constraints... It is as if I had entrusted my melodies to a beautiful stranger on a night of moody drunkenness... or to a cabaret girl at the Black Cat, deserted on a November night.

A Moon of Debussy, a Dancer of Satie, a Vowel of Rimbaud, a Flower of Baudelaire, a Chalice of Apollinaire... All these "Bold lovers of madness" and "Opium smokers" – are the muses that cradled my Chianti on my winter voyages.

These "Essays" are like forgotten images of Transfigured Nights within the intimacy of my memories of China in the composition Opium ; or in the wayward love of Bagatelle : all these melodies have been delivered by the midwifing flame of the candle in Nocturne – they are small legends, microcosms of scattered ideas picked up along my trail of embers.

Black and white of the keyboard; black and white of musical notation, with its many transmuted trends and fashions; polytonalities; scales from an obsolete world; heirs to a hybrid impressionism: I invite you all to my intoxication! It's the intoxication of a romanticism laden with an irresistible need for tears and dreams, and the desire to savor the drunken flavor of a night aboard this DRUNKEN PIANO.

Guy Kummer-Nicolussi